Fun With Food

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted–I’ve been busy (I got a new job–though I haven’t started yet). I don’t mean to leave my blog like this, and I promise to be back soon with more. Just wanted to let you know that I’m still around, still cooking. Some tidbits to tide you over:

The duck prosciutto came out of hibernation yesterday and is terrific–I had definitely over salted the first version I made, this one was a huge improvement. I’ve been using the duck stock to flavor our vegetables and just about anything else that I can.

In researching my article for the Winter issue of Beer NW Magazine, I was reminded why I believe Quinn’s to be the best restaurant in Seattle, despite their failure to update their online menu. I have also been working on perfecting the home version of Wingmaster’s amazing jerk rub so that it can be published in the same issue.

In planning my upcoming birthday, I came to the realization of why I’m just that weird: Some people want birthday cake. I want birthday hot pot.

At Rosh Hashana services last night (yes, I’m Jewish. Please ignore the many bacon and lard references in this blog) our rabbi’s sermon was about food obsessiveness. “Why talk about this on Rosh Hashana?” She asked. My mother and I immediately looked at each other with the same thought–because it would just be cruel to do so on Yom Kippur.


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