A Tale of Two Pickles

Szechuan Cabbage Pickles

Szechuan Cabbage Pickles

My favorite Sichuanese restaurant serves these amazing cabbage pickles as an amuse bouche before every meal. I love them. I kind of want to marry them. They seem so simple, like they’d be something so common. Yet when I search my vast collection of cookbooks and the wide world of the internets, I’m unable to find them. Anywhere. I found two vaguely ‘right’ sounding recipes and proceeded to make them both. The first, found here, is good, strong crispy, crunchy, fresh tasting cabbage and daikon pickles. I like it, but it was not the kind they make at the restaurant. So continuing on my search, I found this recipe at Casa SaltShaker, who I only wish I had known about when I was in Uruguay and Argentina! Using his recipe as a guide, I adapted it from cucumbers to cabbage and was able to make a set of cabbage pickles which, while not exactly the same as the ones at the restaurant, were close enough that I could adapt them to be just like them. But really, why would I? I think these ones might be even better! I used the recipe basically word for word, so I won’t re-type it–the only difference was that instead of using cucumbers I used half a head of chopped, blanched green cabbage.


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  1. Glad you liked ’em!

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