Succulent Swimmers–Spicy Shrimp Sushi


Spicy Shrimp Sushi

Spicy Shrimp Sushi

For my birthday last week, D and A bought me some awesome food utensils. B picked them up on his way home, arriving with the goodies, including a dumpling press, just as I finished hand shaping tons of dumplings! Next time, guys, next time. What a great idea. However, the other part of the present included a bamboo sushi rolling mat. So last night, as I contemplated my fridge…

Things I had: Rice, just enough rice vinegar to mix in, salt, seaweed, bamboo rolling mat.

Things I didn’t have: Fresh fish

Quite the conundrum, no? Not so fast, darling. I reached in to my freezer and pulled out one of my favorite go tos for quick dinners, uncooked, frozen, tail-on shrimp from Costco. Now, even I’m not crazy enough to eat those raw, so I sauteed them in sesame oil, chopped them up, mixed them with sriracha and a bit of mayonnaise, and voila, quick, easy and delicious.

Too bad the other thing on my “didn’t have” list was wasabi. So yes, my sushi was lacking…but not in tastiness.

Thanks D & A, for the awesome gifts!


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