Three dips, two candidates, one bottle of wine


Trio of Dips

Trio of Dips

That’s what it took us to get through the debates last night. Pretty glad I don’t have to watch any more of that, though I’ve been glued to CNN all week, wondering how so many racists have managed to come out of the woodwork as we get closer to the election. 

But the only color this post is supposed to be about is that of the trio of dips. One of the most important things about making dips that aren’t ridiculously heavy is remembering that it is okay to use water. It is hard for a cook to be okay with putting that flavorless liquid into their delicious savories, but it is a necessity when making light dips. The top dip is the same liver dip as here, only with duck liver (from the ones we killed) instead of beef. In the center is an edamame hummous–simply edamame, lime juice, olive oil, water, salt and pepper, sprinkled with paprika on top. The bottom dip is sun dried tomato, water, lemon juice, saffron, parsley, salt and pepper. Yup, lots of water in that one. Its just a mater of remembering to blend well and derive enough flavor from the main ingredients.

All of this was served with triangles of my homemade pita, eaten mindlessly as we watched the presidential debates.


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  1. Those are the most vibrant dips I’ve ever seen. With homemade pita and a bottle of wine, it sounds like the perfect evening, regardless of how your candidate did.

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