I’m Going on a Mushroom Hunt!


(title to be sung to the tune of the old camp classic “I’m going on a bear hunt”)

There are people in this world who, when an idea strikes them, can reply with “oh, that would be cool” and then move on with the rest of their lives. Not so much with my friends and I. So when K and I realized that our love of trampling through the woods of the Northwest could be combined with our love of eating fungi, we became possessed with the idea of being mushroom foragers. So a few things happened. After realizing that a) we had no idea how to find a mushroom, b) we had no idea where to find a mushroom and most importantly c) if we did find a mushroom we had no idea if said mushroom would get us on the fast track to the Harborview ER. 

Luckily J, had heard about said mushroom quest and pilfered for us a flier for the Puget Sound Mycological Society’s mushroom show. It was like dominos from there on out. Once at the show, we joined the society, once in the society we had the opportunity to go on field trips… Next thing you know, here I am sauteeing orange fairy cup mushrooms with onions for a quesadilla.


Last Saturday we went on a “field trip” with the society and were able to procure a few handfuls of edible wild mushrooms. The Skagit Valley Newspaper wrote and article about it, you can see pictures and video of me tromping through the woods on it here. The only thing I think I’ve really learned so far is how much I have to learn about mushroom hunting. It is, though, the perfect Northwest foodie activity, if you ask me. You get to go trample the woods for a few hours and return with delicacies. Speaking of delicacies, these guys know how to do a “field trip.” No brown bag lunches for these guys. Aside from the roaring fire, there was coffee and bagels and pastries for breakfast. And Mighty O donuts. Sorry, vegans, the vegan donut gets a giant F for fail in my book. What a horrid thing. Then upon returning from the hunt, they had potato truffle soup, london broil and crostini with mushroom and swiss tapenade. That, guys, is a field trip.


2 Responses

  1. Bear hunt?

  2. […] since I started mushroom hunting about two years ago, I’ve been inundated with people wanting to know where I go, how I do it. […]

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