I’m Home…and the First of the Food Pics: Bangkok

Well, I’m back! The first thing I did upon returning was to catch up on the new episodes of Top Chef and cook a little bit. My food was terrible–you don’t think about it, but not cooking for a while, you get out of practice, little things didn’t happen as automatically as they ought to. But I’m sure that its like riding a bike, I’ll be fine by tomorrow. Now to what you’ve all been waiting for–Food pictures from the trip!

As much as I’d love to post all the pictures from the whole trip and talk about all of them, I’d probably lose half my food readers in boring babbles and I wouldn’t be finished posting until next year, so I’m going to try to stick to food as much as possible. Our first destination was Bangkok, for a day and a half. Our breakfast at the hotel was quite good, so we didn’t even venture out that much, and when we did, I hadn’t quite gotten into the swing of things yet, so this entry doesn’t even have any great food porn. What was great was all the street food. Brett and I shared a bowl of noodles for lunch one day and then a snack of unidentified meat on a stick. Mmmm, unidentified meat on a stick:

imgp2849That night we at at the Night Market up the street from our house, which was mostly a big farang (white people) tourist trap and didn’t have anything like what I wanted. However, we did get one good bite out of it, grilled pork neck with hot sauce.

imgp2815The next day we got a little better at hunting out delicious foods, starting with a morning snack when we found this woman carving up a jackfruit on the side of the street.imgp28141First off I tried to buy some from her, but then the cops drove up, and she had to make a slow speed getaway with her cart and all, my half cut, half bought jackfruit making its way into a busy market. Awkwardly, I followed her in, trying not to be to conspicuous. Eventually I got my fruit and discovered that I really like jackfruit. Good to know.

While I don’t have pictures, one of the best meals we had was at a cart that I chose because when people walked by they started coughing, hacking, because of the fumes coming off the frying chilies. This was an excellent way to pick our meal and turned out to be a very delicious if somewhat uncomfortable lunch, as every time the wind shifted and the fumes came off the wok towards us a new round of coughing would begin. It was pretty awesome.

Overall I think Bangkok was a little big, crowded and we were not yet in full food treat hunting practice, so I was a little disappointed in the eats we got here. Luckily we were only there for a day and a half and then it was on to Chang Mai….for which you’ll have to wait for the next post!


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  1. I felt the same way about Beijing at first in that it was almost too big of a city and too crowded, but think if you had more time there you would have gotten used to everything. I probably can’t relate as well culture-wise because I stayed in more Chinese-style or western-style cities.

    Have a good Thanksgiving.

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