My Little Bro’s a Jeopardy Rock Star!

Okay, I was going to try to food relate this in some way, but unfortunately I’ll be at pub trivia (it runs in the family) tonight and will have to watch the Tivo version and won’t be able to put up a post, but my little brother is on Jeopardy again tonight!

His name is Ben Bishop, so look for him and root for him because he is awesome! Last night he was on and won $25,000 so he is back for a second try tonight.


29 Responses

  1. You’re little brother is very smart and very good looking! Is he single by any chance?

    • haha i have to agree on that, i was impressed watching him on Jeopardy and definitely handsome! had to google him of course haha

  2. hahahaha…your brother’s a goof…fakin’ like he didn’t have the answer in final jeopardy

  3. Your brother did awesome tonight!
    I’m so happy for him. He is definitely one
    of the cutest contestants the show has had!
    I’m sure you’ve heard this before…:)
    Way to go Bishop Family!!

  4. Well it appears that I certainly did not have an original idea of looking up this fella. I agree with all of the posts: he is quite impressive and amusing. It is too bad I’m not in Seattle anymore; he is handsome to boot 😉

  5. I agree with all that has been said about this cunning stud. Who wants to compare notes on Ben? Email me at and we can chat on yahoo.

    Fingers crossed that he does as well tomorrow!


  6. Congratulations to all the success of your brother!

    He has me looking like a FOOL on the treadmill, because I am all smiles about him. Eeek!

    I enjoy Jeopardy, very much, in general, but Ben is extremely handsome, has a smile that surpasses those lights, clearly intelligent, and just enjoyable to watch. He brings a great feel to the game with his personality and smile!

    I wish him well and look forward to viewing him score another win tomorrow evening!!!

  7. did you brother win 12/4 as well ….I missed it! He’s HAAAAAAAWWWWWT!

  8. excuse the typo!

  9. Ben appears to be in the top 100 web searches as of yesterday, continuing through today. He already has quite the fan base and he should really capitalize on this moment! Not only is he smart, funny and doing extremely well on Jeopardy, but he’s absolutely stunningly gorgeous! I’ve seen references to him ALL OVER the place today, while doing my own search for info about him. Go Ben!

  10. Your brother is HOT!

  11. Your brother is so cute and what’s really hot about him is how intelligent he is and how well he does under pressure. Good luck Ben!!

  12. If Ben’s brother (or Ben himself!) reads this: *congratulations* on your (brother’s)Jeopardy wins! I, along with probably every other female that watches Jeopardy, have a huge tv crush on Ben – smart and handsome (pretty clutch). I have no idea if Ben is a decent guy, but supposing he is, I’m going to let myself fantasize that he’s also a huge Patriots & Sox fan and chalk him up to the *perfect* guy. :o)

  13. Congratulations to you and Ben. Your brother has certainly caught my attention! He’s intelligent, charming, poised, and so-o-o good looking. I’d love to meet him. Unfortunately, I’m on the East coast, but we could work something out. If he’s available, I hope he’ll consider it.

  14. Have been watching your little bro on Jeopardy for past couple of evenings. He seems to be incredibly smart for someone relatively young. Am rooting for him and hope he does well!! I got the feeling that Mr Trebek was enjoying having your bro on the show. Good luck to both of you and yes, now that I am here, I am definitely going to check your blog out 🙂

  15. Hey Gnome:
    It’s Colleen McGarry’s mom! We watch Jeopardy just about every night. When he first appeared, I thought… no, it can’t be him. I remember going to your house when you guys were going to Madrona and him being kind of a brat! Wow.. times have changed. How are you doing?

  16. Can we marry Ben? OMG is he single?

  17. I am glad I am not the only one amazed that there is such a STUD on the show! Glad to see that beauty and brains can actually live in unison in one body!!!

  18. did he win again today [friday]? I was out being social and didn’t get to watch.

    still can’t believe he risked it all in final jeopardy. that takes cajones. what a champ.

  19. I missed this evening’s Jeopardy. Can someone please tell me the results? Will I be seeing Ben on my TV screen on Monday evening?

    What an intelligent, handsome handsome man this Ben Bishop… I live in Rhode Island, but so what!?

    I am so happy for him!

  20. Wow! So much support for Ben! It’s GREAT! He certainly seems like a decent and really brilliant guy. It’s obvious that he will go a long way in both Jeopardy and life!

    Good Luck, Ben! Hope to see you on Jeopardy for a long time (surpass that annoying Ken Jennings!)

  21. Bonehead,

    I was in Moses Lake Friday night and missed Jeopardy. How did he do?

    -Your Old Math Teacher
    -Your sister’s Old Math Teacher
    -Your little brother’s Old Math Teacher

  22. if your brother needs PR representation, twitter me as saradish
    i think he’s got a good thing going here, and needs to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame (as the comments to your blog clearly show!)

  23. So HOT!!

  24. SCREW GEOFF!!!!!

  25. wowwwww he is cute

  26. March 18th-i saw your brother win last week’s 1/4 final in the Tournament of Champions. i hope he goes all the way! best of luck to him. you must be really proud.

  27. So I thought I would look up his name, and I see he already has a ton of fans. Don’t think many Jeopardy contestants have this sort of fan base. Anyway, let him know he has my heart here in FL.

  28. I thought I would put all the rumors to rest by saying, Ben is not single! We have been dating in my mind ever since the first time I saw his sweet ass wax the other two contestants on Jeopardy…I love you Ben!

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