Like Comparing Apples, and, well, Apples

I have always thought I didn’t like apples. They’d be the last thing on a table I’d eat. If I were hungry and there were only apples, I’d wait. Not that I thought they were gross, I just didn’t like them. Today, that changed.

I liked an apple. It was juicy, but without being messy and drippy like a peach. It was crunchy, but not so hard that it hurt my gums to bite into. There was no evidence of that awkward mealiness when an apple is on the verge of going bad.

“So what,” I hear you say. “Its a freakin’ apple. People have liked apples for hundreds (thousands? I’m not up on my apple history) of years.” But that is not my point.

My point is all those people who “don’t like” certain foods, who recoil when you mention that there might be a bit of mustard in their salad dressing or whatever, they refuse to get near the food. These are the same people who pretend their dislikes are allergies, as Ruhlman discussed here. There minds are made up, and I want them changed

Maybe, just maybe, these dislikes are like mine of apples. And in the right place and the right time, they will bite into that delicious bit of mustard (or whatever) that changes their feelings.

Now the world is my apple, and I’m ready to bite!


2 Responses

  1. Who doesn’t like apples? Aren’t you from Washington?

    I guess I used to not like avocados, so can’t really argue.

    The blog is good, you should have told me about it earlier. It kind of makes me hungry, though. Particularly for thai food.

  2. Wow, sounds like my in-laws, who do not like a great number of things and won’t touch dishes if they are made with those ingredients. Not even when everyone else (outside the family) insists that it’s wonderful.
    Of course, I was like this with broccoli, but I really didn’t like it until I had it made the right way, and then that made all the difference.

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