Creamy Habanero Soup: Not as Spicy as you Think

habanero-soupWe have peppers coming out our ears here. Seriously, I got home from Southeast Asia (yes, I still owe you some posts on that. They are in the works) and went on a pepper buying spree. Including four beautiful mushroom habanero peppers from the farmer’s market. So what could I do with 4 habanero peppers that wouldn’t spice us out of house and home.

Then my inner-scientist got to work. She’s not around often, but she was doing well yesterday. Capsicum, what makes peppers spicy, is soluble in milk, so if I made a soup with the peppers, I could get all habanero flavor and not too much spice.

Creamy, slightly spicy, and with great flavor, we added some crunch and cilantro to this to make it an amazing meal for a cool night.

Creamy Habanero Soup:

Heat one cup of broth and two cups of half and half on medium heat. Add in 4 diced habaneros–be sure you cut out all the seeds and pith as they are spicy and unsightly. Let this simmer on low heat for about 5 minutes, then add in spices. I used a dash of cumin, a dash of cinnamon and a dash of paprika. Use plenty of salt to bring out the habanero flavor.

To serve, cut a tortilla into strips and fry in hot canola oil and arrange atop the soup. Also add roughly chopped cilantro for a little brightness.


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