Make Your Own Mozzies


Mozzarella Sticks with prosciutto and basil

For me, one of the most annoying tasks in the kitchen is breading things. I hate the messiness of the multiple dippings and my batter always falls off and then when I’m doing mozzarella sticks (aka mozzies) the cheese oozes out and it is all just chaos. So I devised a system to retain crunchy, gooey, cheesy amazingness while avoiding the mess. Now, I was mostly making these for B and his buddies while they watched the Bears eke out a win, so I made half plain, but I couldn’t resist going a little bit gourmet on a few for myself.

Buy phyllo (filo) dough and string cheese and you are already half way there. Basically, cut the string cheese in half and wrap in a quarter piece of phyllo dough. Spray the dough thoroughly with oil as you do this so it crisps up in the oven. I did mine at 475 for about ten minutes. Flip them once they get brown on the top, so the bottom gets crispy too. You could really put whatever you want in with these. I used duck prosciutto and basil because that is what I have laying about the house, but I’m guessing that any kind of meat or herb would do a great job on these. The key is to work quickly so that the phyllo dough doesn’t dry out (have everything set up before hand) and keep it all well sprayed with the oil. I did mine on a silpat, but I think they’d be fine on tin foil or a good baking sheet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be heading to Wingmasters for the real wings, but these are fabulous treats for in home entertaining.


12 Responses

  1. I like that the ingredient you have hanging around the house is duck prosciutto.

  2. I have the same issues with breading. This is a great idea!

  3. what a wonderful idea, I think using wonton or spring roll wrappers could be fun

  4. What a great idea. It’s quick and easy but makes a great presentation!

  5. I bow to your brilliance!!! My boys and I are Mozzerella stick FREAKS. I usually end up with my fingers being breaded better than my cheese so I can’t wait to try this. (Seriously, I’m heading to the store tonight!)

  6. Great idea! and great photo as well! I love the recipes you have here and I’ll be coming back again soon to look back on your other posts 🙂 oh and if you have time will you drop by at Foodista ? We are building an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia and you can also check out our recipes on the site as well 🙂 Cheers!

  7. I love this recipe. I can’t wait to try it.

  8. Oh, these look fantastic. I was looking for a recipe for a new years potluck I’m attending, but I just found it. Thanks 🙂

  9. Well, I gave it a go and ended up with giant pools of melted cheese on my cookie sheet. Going to try again and double wrap my cheese.

  10. I used a quarter of a piece of phyllo dough, so it wraps around quite a few times before it is done–see in the pic, it has a number of layers.

  11. I want to try these they look great!
    it’s one individual sheet cut into a quarter as far as the phyllo goes?
    and then just wrap it as you would an egg roll or burrito?
    I am going to try them out

  12. I made these they were wonderful thanks!!

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