Smoked Salmon Canape


We recently came into some smoked salmon. A lot, actually. We’ve had many a breakfast of lox and bagels, but we’re working our way through it. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying I’m getting sick of bagels and lox–I just thought that a little creativity could go a long way toward a new presentation of the lox. Something a little different.

This was actually inspired by a dish we had at a dim sum in Vancouver, though that also may have involved mayonaisse and what appeared to be a del Monte fruit cup, so I think this is an improvement.

This is simple, but a totally amazing snack. Definitely going to be a must do for my next party.

How do you make it? Easy: buy packaged wonton wrappers, fry them in oil (I pan-fried mine, rather than deep fry, you’ve just got to keep pushing them into the oil when they try to puff up), place a quenelle of cream cheese on top, sprinkle with thyme leaves and top with a slice of lox.

For those used to eating their salmon on a bagel, this makes for an interesting and exciting textural contrast, as the wonton cracker crumbles as you eat it, sticking to the cream cheese and cruching, while the salmon still melts in your mouth like it should.


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