Snow Day Soup: Indian Spiced Roasted Carrot


I bet it sure seems like I’m making a lot of ‘snow day’ posts, huh? Well, could be that Seattle has been absolutely paralyzed by snow for the last week or so. It got kind of ridiculous last night when none of our local hot pot restaurant were open and I realized I was going to have to make do with what was in the house.

Luckily I usually keep enough food in the house to keep a family of five alive for 30 years after the nuclear holocaust, so coming up with a soup was more a matter of creativity than making do with what we had.

After I peeled seven large carrots I rolled them in a mixture of garam masala, curry powder and cumin as well as salt and roasted them in the oven. When they got brown and tasty looking and had turned the whole house to a warm cozy haven that smelled like an Indian restaurant (I think I had a dream like this once…) I chopped them a bit and threw them into a pot of turkey stock made from the leftover Thanksgiving carcass which had been wallowing away in my freezer. The stock, not the carcass. I’m not that lazy.

After letting the carrots simmer in the stock for an hour so they had a nice rich flavor, I busted out the ol’ immersion blender and let her rip. To give it a nice velvety texture I spooned in a cup of half and half. Taste test. Nope, needs more spices. I have a rule on fixing soups–dump a bunch of salt in, it is usually all it needs. This, however was the exception. I added more garam masala, curry and cumin. Still something missing. I grated a bunch of ginger in. Looked good, a little texture contrast, tasted good, but something, something still wasn’t there. I fed B. What is it? Duh! Pepper, he says. Perfect. I cracked pepper over top till there were tiny black spots speckling my soup. And the taste… Spot on. I shall call it Spot on Speckled Carrot soup from now on.


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