Delicious Pigs and Such

Want to learn how to break down some of the finest pigs being raised in America? I do!

I don’t post about events very often, mostly because if I’m interested enough in attending it, I’m probably barely squeaking in under the limit they have or it is already full, so I’m just moping about it. Then yesterday I learned of an amazing event which I will be unable to attend because I have this so-called “real” job.

Heath Putnam was kind enough to give me a call when I inquired about his three day pig-breakdown and charcuterie class at the end of January. I was hoping to be able to make it to part of it, but that one was full. He called because, though that was full, he has added a 1 day class on Thursday the 29th from 8-4, in which they will break down and put up (Or charcrut or whatever the verb is) an entire half of a Wooly Pig. The class is being held at Culinary Communion on Beacon Hill and it is a pricey one–$180, but alas these are pricey piggies!

I hope that someone has a chance to go and to tell me how it went so I can be good and jealous!

Info is available at


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