A Summer Soup for a Winter’s Day

avo-soupWhat to do with one of those rare winter weekends in which I’m not on the ski hill? I had a birthday brunch for a best friend that just happened to be in perfect position for me to stop at the Ballard Farmer’s Market on the way. As a close friend of mine, she’s spent over ten years of birthdays with me having to bail early or miss out because I’m never around on weekends, so I was a little thankful for the day off from coaching. After hitting up the farmer’s market, I was very thankful.

Maybe it was just being away from the markets for so long, maybe it was that there really were a million fabulous things for sale, either way I was floored by the selection and the exciting options arrayed before me. I snatched up a few beautiful Washington truffles to grate over the birthday girls omelet (and later, on millions of my own pasta dishes, toasts, really anything I could find to grate it over. Actually, I left one in my car and when I returned to it after the party, it took me a minute to realize what the beautiful scent perfuming my vehicle was. It is almost worth it to leave it there all the time. I found a home brewed Kombucha tea and bought a bottle. I couldn’t resist a few odd meat parts from Olsen Farms, some root vegetables and whatever else I could find. I ended up with a few odds and ends that I planned to throw together for a dinner.

After a morning at the farmer’s market and a day watching the snow fall while eating a beautiful brunch, I decided I would channel my summer farmer’s market mind and make a dinner that seemed to be from that season. I shucked 12 beautiful Pacific oysters from Taylor Shellfish and lay them on a plate, surrounding bowls of avocado soup. While I had bought the avocados from Costco, the wonder of the soup came from the pint of raw goat milk I blended with the four avocados.

While the depth was wonderful, it lacked a little something, so I cracked open a can of chipotle peppers and spooned a dollop on to each serving of cold soup. As the peppers seared our lips, the soup cooled, reminding us of why it make a summer stunner.

There may be nothing like a bowl of cold soup in the summer, but a bowl of it in the winter is a close runner up.


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