A Valentine’s Day Meal


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve already heard about how great of a foodie’s companion B is, and probably are thinking, ‘enough already, tell me about the delicious eats’. And I’m getting there!

“You have two options” B told me over the phone. As an old hand from the restaurant industry, I knew going out to eat was his last idea of a good time on Valentine’s Day. But apparently he had gone way down south and scoped out a tiny hole-in-the-wall comfort food restaurant that he felt would be a good dinner, and going there was my first option. “Or,” he said hopefully, “I can cook for you.” B doesn’t cook often, but when he does it is simple, perfectly crafted and delicious. Can you guess which one I picked, over the phone, on my way down the mountain, coming home from work?

There was something so satisfying to sit on my couch, lounging about with a glass of Lillet as he sent plumes of flour into the air, fought the groans of the pasta machine, and generally toiled to make a meal. I held my tongue when I wanted to ask questions about what he was making and how he was preparing them. Soon enough, I found out.

He sat down on the table, setting down a plate in front of me and one where he would be sitting. Then he got back up. I furrowed my brow. He layed a third plate down on the side table. I looked over, and there it was, a perfectly arranged portion on a little red plate.

“For your Valentine’s Day post.” He said, as he picked up the camera.

Instructions (sort of) on how to prepare B’s Romantic Dinner:

I know he roasted the baby asparagus with butter and oil until the ends were just perfectly brown and a little crunchy. I’m not sure the amounts, but it does seem pretty forgiving.

He used my usual recipe recipe for whole wheat pasta, then sauteed the noodles quickly with olive oil, enoki mushrooms and scallops.


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