Sometimes Coloring is Fun


Yes, those are Crayola colors in my bowl, but that’s no crayon inside. They say you eat with your eyes first, and if this dish doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what does. These multi-colored whole-wheat gnocchi were truly inspired solely by the colors of the ingredients. I was at the local Vietnamese mega mart the other day and happened to have some purple sweet potatoes catch my eye. I quickly bought up a pile of not only the purple ones, but the nearby orange ones as well. The wheels were already turning as I got home.

I roasted two of each color in a hot oven till they were soft and mashable, then, well, I mashed them. Separetly, though. I cracked one egg into each bowl and mixed it in. Then, slowly, I added whole wheat flour, bit by bit, till the texture was that of a pasta dough. Covered and refrigerated for an hour.

When I pulled them out, the dough consistency was perfect, and I rolled them into long snakes, like a child with playdough, then cut them into inch long pieces. Then, alas, it was late, so I spread them on a piece of parchment paper and placed them in a freezer.

Each day that went by I yearned to cook them, but dinner plans begat dinner plans and it was a long time coming. Finally, I had time to cook.

I boiled them briefly, then through them in a sautee pan with sage and brown butter. Finished off with a little bit of Pecorino Romano cheese, it was a feast for the taste buds and for the eyes.


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