Seattle Roll Bakery

“mhhmmmm” was the noise I made as I drew a deep breath through my nose upon entering Seattle Roll Bakery. It was a heavenly smell, that of everything good that has ever been made into baked good form. My patience quickly frayed, as I felt the urgent need to step over everything that lay between me and the counter where I would be able to procure an item made with this bread. This included, among other things, a rolling rack full of freshly made baguettes, an elderly Asian woman and a refrigerator. Yes, a refrigerator. Oddly, there were a number of these hanging about in the room.

My co-worker claims that every time she’s in there they tell her they are out of bread or out of tofu or something like that. I think that maybe they just don’t like vegetarians. All I know is that if I ever showed up at their door for another of the amazing 3 kinds of ham sandwich I ordered and they were somehow unable to make it for me, I might start protesting, jumping up and down, like a chimpanzee, shaking my arms all about at the poor, lovely ladies who craft such excellent sandwiches.
Sigh. This post sounds like a love letter, you know. Really, they were good sandwiches. I would even say that they were excellent Bahn Mi. But the intoxication comes not from the sandwich itself, but from the dizzying scent you must endure while you wait for said sandwich. The sandwich itself is definitely the best I have had so far in Seattle and the first one in which the bread rivaled that of the bahn mi in Vietnam. The three kinds of ham was also an excellent departure from the usual fillings and they had amazingly fresh, crunchy and spicy jalapenos, which to me, is one of the most important elements of a bahn mi.

I’m almost scared to let myself go back and check it out again…

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2 Responses

  1. Immediately adding this to my list of Banh Mi places to check out! My favorite has been Saigon Deli.

  2. Based on this post, went to Seattle Roll Bakery today. Best. Bahn Mi. EVER. (In the US, at least.) Bread just came out of the oven, nicest people you can imagine, had 4 for 4 people, 2 white Ham, 1 Roast Pork and One Combo. Heaven. Extra added bonus: Cambodian New Year celebration going strong just down the street!

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