My 200th Post

I want to take this moment to comment on the origins of the name “The GastroGnome.” Having gone by the nickname “Gnomey” most of my life, it seemed only appropriate to combine it with the word “Gastronome,” even if my knowledge of what exactly that meant was a little fuzzy.

Well, last night I was at an event that made me think. What is gastronomy? Literally, it is the word or law of food, from its etymology. Answers that I loved were “The art of eating” and “The act of writing about food”

To me, those phrases embodied what I do as The GastroGnome. I (Gnomey) practice the art of eating with every meal I eat and then, of course I write about it.

Really, this is my 202nd, but who the heck posts at 202?  I wanted to post at 200 to celebrate the milestone, but I got distracted by more interesting posts and forgot about. And didn’t really have anything say back then. This I felt was worthy of a remarkable 202nd post.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations! That is a milestone indeed.

  2. Congrats!!!

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