The Unveiling: Duck Confit Hash

Duck Confit

Duck Confit

Breaking through the snow white layer of soft fat, feeling the aged meat, seeing the beautiful colors of charcuterie. There is something magical about digging out a homemade duck confit. The long hours of preparing the food are behind you, the easy part is ahead. No more waiting for the perfect time, no, now you get to unveil your handy work and again expose the duck to air.

This particular confit sat about in fridge for the last six months, since a kindly gentlemen had allowed us to kill 3 of his male ducks and to preserve for him. I describe the whole making (in fact, of this exact batch of confit) over here, if you are interested.

As per usual, I hadn’t thought of what to do with the confit, knowing it would make a poor presentation since it was all pulled off the bone. It looked, as I tore through the protective coating of beautiful, creamy fat, like meat in a hash. And the magic was born. I put a pot of quinoa on the stove, blanched some brussels sprouts and chopped some onions. I dropped the confit in to the saute pan first to allow the fat to become liquid and let it sit until everything was crisped up, then added the mushrooms and sprouts for a little slipe and slide in the duck confit fat. Yeah, that is how vegetables are meant to be dealt with.

Duck Confit Hash over Quinoa

Duck Confit Hash over Quinoa


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