Hunger Action Week

hawheaderWith all the awesome free stuff, opportunites and great things I’ve gotten from writing this blog, when have I ever done anything to give back with it? Erm, uhhh, well, never. So when an email landed in my in box asking me to participate in United Way of King County’s Hunger Action Week, I thought about it. Excuses flowed to my head: Well, I have events to attend, I have reviews to do, I get free food at work.

And then I checked my calender: Nothing for those 5 days. And then I checked my reality: By spending the limited amount on all our meals, I would probably still save money. And I could squeeze the reviews into the rest of the month, right? It was sounding more and more doable.

By this point you’ve probably realized I agreed to participate. B and I will be eating on $12 dollars a day for 5 days, the 20th-24th of April, and I’ll be blogging about it right here. Why $12 a day? That is the maximum ‘Basic Food’ aka food stamps that a household of 2 people get to have.

When I first looked at it, I said, well, why do we get the max, wouldn’t it make more sense to do the minimum? But I now understand that if you are getting the minimum, you have more money, if you are getting the maximum, likelihood is that you are spending only that amount on food and no outside money.

I know it is terrible to say this sounds like fun, but I am excited to be a part of the challenge, and excited to share delicious, low budget recipes with everyone. I get to use salt and pepper from my cabinet, but everything else will have to be bought (rebought) so my first big decision is what type of oil to use–Veg for the price, Olive for the flavor or Sesame for being in between and useful?

I think I’ll plan on doing half of my shopping at the beginning of the week ($30 worth) and then keep the other $30 for various expenditures throughout the week. Expect to see me at Dong Hing Market for various seafood, meat and produce, at the Thanh Son Tofu Factory for the cheapest, freshest Tofu in town, and at the South Sea Grocery for various bulk spices and random fun goods, all walking distance from my house, and at Tony’s Market for fresh produce, across the street from my office.

What’s on the menu? I’ll definitely be eating a little of my red lentil dal, as that is my favorite breakfast. Expect to see me braising some tough cuts of meat in my slow cooker for tender stews, and I think you might see a little fresh pasta coming out of the machine, topped with cheap and tasty fishies like sardines and anchovies. Mmmm, my mouth is watering already!

How can you get involved? I have seen a number of other bloggers getting this up too, I would love to see them comment here so people can click to their sites too, and I can add them in to my other posts. And for the general public, sign up here.


9 Responses

  1. Hey Naomi,

    Thanks so much for your post! It’s going to be an exciting week 😀 I think a slow cooker is a great idea and you’ll probably get a good few meals out of that!

    Also, our blog now has a blogroll of all the bloggers who are participating, just FYI 🙂

  2. Hey I’m doing this too. This is going to be fun! I’m adding you to my Hunger Challenge post as well.

  3. this is great. Im on it too. Good luck to you!

  4. Sounds like a plan.
    I’m taking the challenge too and will follow to see how u’re doing…

  5. I think it’s great that you are participating. I’m a little excited as well so don’t feel bad about it 🙂


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