A Few Upcoming and Kind of Awesome Events

I don’t normally devote much space to events, despite the constant influx of emails telling me about them, mostly because I don’t believe in promoting events that I wouldn’t myself attend or be attending. And then sometimes I am scared they’ll sell out before I get my ticket. But there does seem to be quite a few things coming up that I’m excited about, so I wanted to give my readers a heads up, two of which I’ll be at and one of which I’m sad to say, I’ll miss out on by being out of town.

First off is this Sunday’s Oyster Roast for the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. They had me when they mentioned shovelling oysters onto platters. I didn’t even need to make it to the part when they talked about sausages and sides. And it even looks like it should be as close to beach going weather as we get around here this time of year, so that should make the event even more awesome.

Next Wednesday I’ll be supporting my neighborhood at the International District Spring Roll. I love living just to the side of the ID and spend a good portion of my eating life in it. The neighborhood does a ton of cool events to support the improvement of the area and local charities and I always try to be a part of them. One of my favorites was last summer’s night market, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll be doing more this summer!

Lastly, I told you last week about how much I enjoyed the St. Germain Cocktail Crawl, and I just noticed they’ll be doing the same thing on Sunday, May 10th, but with Champagne as the ‘secret ingredient’. You can get tickets via Brown Paper Tickets. I was a little sad to see that they are using the same four restaurants, because I really enjoyed getting to go to places I hadn’t been, and now I’ve been to them. That said, if I were in town, I’d definitely be in for another round. Unfortunately, I’ll be doing a little wine tasting out in Walla Walla and will have to skip this. It’s a rough life, you know?

I hope you get a chance to attend these, and if so, come say hi or leave me a comment here letting me know how it was.


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