Hunger Action Challenge Day 5: Aloo Gobi and Wine

Yes, I realize food stamps do not pay for wine. That’s why this is a simulation. With $7.71 cents left in our challenge, B and I went to Trader Joe’s for a bottle of wine. Picking out a bottle of $3.99 Carminere, I started to the check out counter. B dragged me over for a second bottle, A Charles Shaw Merlot for $2.99. Yup, Two Buck Chuck. Ugh, B! “But we have the money, right?” he asked. We do. We did. We bought the two bottles and headed home for dinner. After another breakfast of lentils and the leftover casserole for lunch (with olives, grapes and a banana), I was ready for something fun and tasty for dinner.

I improvised a little Aloo Gobi, boiling some potatoes while I wokked jalapenos, garlic, ginger, onions and cauliflower. When they were almost ready, I tossed the potatoes, a little water, salt, pepper and curry powder into the wok and let the whole thing stew for a little while. Meanwhile I also prepared the last two artichokes with roasted garlic aioli. The artichoke truly might be the perfect food. By the time dinner was ready and B was off the phone with the Tivo repair people, we started the second bottle of wine.

“Gosh, that dollar really makes a difference in the wine quality” I commented

“Yeah. Living on a budget is hard”–B

Okay, yeah, that is not really appropriate, but it was funny. That said, there ended our hunger challenge. We’re getting up Saturday morning to resume eating at restaurants, being inspired by the food and flying by the seat of our pants instead of planning ahead. You can see my overview write up here of the whole challenge, in which we spent $59.98 of our $60 allotment for the week.

Sorry to be so brief. We drank two bottles of wine. That’s my only excuse!


4 Responses

  1. It may have bent the rules, but I think testing the inexpensive wines was a very good idea.

  2. I am not a fan of the Two Buck Chuck, I know it flies out of the stores but I can’t do it. You’re right, the extra $1 makes a HUGE difference. Check out some of the wines I’ve been writing about as a lot of them (and my favorite budget plonk so far) have come from TJs.
    Great reading all week, I like your style and I’ll keep checking in. I hope you’ll do the same


  3. Hey, but Charles Shaw Wines have actually won have won some prestigious awards in major wine competitions! 🙂 It just goes to show that inexpensive wines must by definition be low in quality.

    Congrats on the food challenge, and I think you deserved to bend the rules just a bit too.

    Casual Kitchen

  4. […] Hunger Action Challenge Day 5: Aloo Gobi and Wine from The Gastro Gnome […]

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