A Fabulous Northwest Weekend

It was raining slightly on my run this morning, but now the bright sun is shining through my office window. It is so typical Seattle, and I just love it. Like I love so many things about my city, including so much of my weekend.

This was my first weekend not coaching ski racing, my first days off in many months (since the snow started falling) and I was eager to get outside and enjoy the many things that are on offer here. It was such a fabulous collection of awesome activities that I’m posting here so you can remember how great where we live is…

First thing Saturday morning, we sauntered up the street for brunch at Barrio. I enjoyed my first vist, so when they invited me to be their guest for brunch, I took them up. Look for a review to come.

From there, I hopped on my bike, with one quick stop to make before heading to the University District Farmer’s Market–a big issue with working on weekends in the winter is I absolutely never get to go to Farmer’s Markets! My friend K had called me on Friday from a field of nettles–“Do you want some? What should I pick?” She asked. “Yes, and the babies!” I answered. Biked by her place and picked up the giant bag, threw them in the pack and headed to the market. Came home with a small but delicious haul that I started using right away.

While my bread, made from Hard Red Whole Wheat flour from Bluebird Grains, proofed, I cleaned my fridge. While it baked, I took the nettles, combined them with some mint from the market and made a delicious, thick, almost more dip like than sauce like pesto. When these were done, I packed them both, along with a little pate from Sea Breeze farms into a bag and they served as dinner, while we sat on the edge of our seats, watching the Seattle Sounders take down the San Jose Earthquakes.

Sunday morning the alarm went off bright and early, and I packed up the car and headed to the coast for a few good hours of Razor clam digging! Expect a tasty, clammerific post to come on those puppies. Returning at mid-day, I had just enough time for a much needed shower and quick power nap before heading to Puget Soundkeepers Alliance’s wonderful, amazing and delicious Oyster Roast! With Xinh making coleslaw and cheerfully shucking raw oysters for the masses, we knew we were getting fed well before I even wandered outside to run into Jon Rowley manning the grills!

What a perfect weekend! Spring in the Northwest is here and I hope to have many more like this to come.


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