Beat the Heat: Where to Eat

Can’t think. Must type blog deliriously in heat. Must babble top 5 things to eat (and how to eat them) in Seattle during ridiculous heat invasion!

1) Sichuan Boiled Fish from Sichuanese Cuisine (or anywhere else that serves this awesome dish: 7 Stars, Chiang’s, many more). Hot, spicy peppers, soft flaky fish, this dish is delicious anytime of the year, but in the hot weather it feels especially good to sweat out the heat–it is your body’s natural cooling system anyways.

Sichuanese Cuisine on

2) Ezell’s Fried Chicken because nothing says a picnic on the beach like fried chicken. Yup, that was hot days in high school for us, pick up chicken, drive down to Leschi beach, enjoy.

Ezell’s Fried Chicken on

3) Happy Hour on the deck at Maximilien’s. Yes, there are millions of decks in town, including others with better food, better drinks, better just about anything–except views. The food is pretty good, lots of classic French options like cheese plates that are great for snacking in the sun, and your own personal bucket of Stella Artois so you don’t have to flag the waiter for your next cold one ($15 for 6, kept cool on ice at the table).

Maximilien on

4) Jack’s Mainly Chinese Tapas. Okay, I know, Chinese food 2 times. But this is a whole different brand and they have a cold cuts platter and a great cold noodle dish and an even more amazing dish that I tried for the first time this weekend which includes sour napa cabbage, jalapenos, cilantro, ginger and bean thread noodles.

Jack’s Tapas Cafe on

5) Cactus in Madison Park for mojitos–with a caveat. The key here is that you rent a canoe from the Waterfront activities center at UW and canoe across the cut and over to the beach, hide said canoe in bushes, run up to Cactus, drink tasty mojitos and eat a few chips and salsa, then enjoy a slightly tipsy canoe home. But remember–safety first! not too many mojitos! You’re a small canoe! They’re big ships. They are much larger and more powerful and in all likelihood drunker and paying less attention.

Cactus in Madison Park on

Where else? What am I missing? Remember, we’ve got a lot of these days in our near future, let’s not forget the best ways to enjoy them!


5 Responses

  1. Ugh. So old. Leschi Beach. And Cactus – where I went with a boyfriend for his 21st birthday on Cinco de Mayo. A MILLION YEARS AGO. Sigh.

  2. Remember when Ezells was like $4.50 for a large strips and two rolls? Those were the days…

  3. oh my god I love the boiled fish at sichuanese cuisine! The worst name for the best tasting fish.

  4. That’s Seattle for you: by the time you blog about hot-weather meals, it’s down to 60 degrees, and people are looking for hot soup.

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