Chef in the Garden Benefit for P-Patch Trust

The generosity of chefs is truly a phenomenal thing: From Mario Batali to your neighborhood restaurant, you will see them donating their time, product and fabulous skill to a variety of different causes–and it is up to us to show them how worthwhile it is by supporting their causes. Seattle’s Tom Douglas is no different, and this Thursday, July 9th, you can catch him making a freakin’ fabulous dinner for a cause close to my little food blogger heart. The P-Patch Trust is a group that helps to bring fresh, locally grown produce and the access to land on which to farm it, to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. You can read more about what they do on their website. Given that one of the biggest gripes about local, sustainable growing is the cost and lack of access, I think the things P-Patch trust does are incredibly important.

To underline how awesome what they do is, the dinner itself will be in the Interbay P-Patch, so it is truly a dinner right where the work is being done. The price tag of $95 seems a little hefty–or at least it did at first to me, as I usually don’t attend that expensive of events–but keep in mind you’ll be getting a 4+ course Tom Douglas meal including crab, salmon and duck and all of it matched up with local wines. When was the last time you got out of one of his restaurants with that kind of deal?  You can find the entire menu as well as all the usual info at, so definitely cruise over there.

Having worked in the restaurant industry, I know that these dinners involve a lot of donated time and product, and everyone pulls for them to be as successful as possible. It is up to the dining public to speak with their dollars and say that we appreciate what the chef is doing and that we, too, believe that it is for a good cause. Everyone is being careful these days with their dining dollars, so why not make them count twice–once to get you an terrific meal and once to support the P-Patch Trust.

A few other details, in case you’re wondering–if it rains, it will be moved into Palace Ballroom, and yes, there are vegetarian meals available. As of right now there are still tickets available, so give it a try, it’s great food and supports a wonderful cause. And be sure to stop by and say hi! to me if you do come!



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