Kitfo Caprese: Cultures Combined

To understand how I dreamed up such a ridiculous thing as combining Kitfo, an Ethiopian raw steak dish and Caprese salad, the Italian classic, you must understand the level of sleep deprivation I had. A serious eating trip to Vancouver had been completed the previous day and was over 16 hours door to door, including many miles walked and more (delicious) meals than you could shake a stick at.

Are you there with me yet? In this tired, half-functional state I decided to go grocery shopping. And not just anywhere, but at the high-falutin Met Market. It wasn’t cheap, folks. But why would it be when I exited with multiple shapes of Mozzarella cheese–neither of them rectangular, which in fact would have matched the Himalayan Pink  salt brick I impulse bought. But enough with the zombie shopping trip, let me get to the Kitfo Caprese.

As I drove home (hi, mom, yes I know I probably shouldn’t have been driving in this sleep deprived state) I thought about how I possibly planned to make a meal out of the eclectic, to say the least, groceries rattling around in the back of my vehicle. I had purchased high quality eye of round beef with an eye toward making kitfo. As I worked through this, I thought that in place of the usual cheese, as I was too lazy for the two block walk to the Ethiopian mart, I could use one of my mozzarella shapes, chopped up. But the Mozzarella was intended for a Caprese salad with the beautiful, giant heirloom tomato I had bought. Oh, there it is, now you’re understanding the thought process, right? A little bit? Nope still quite crazy. So you’ll have to trust me when I claim deliciousness, okay?

Kitfo Caprese

Equal amounts
Mozzarella Cheese
Heirloom tomato

Chop the cheese and tomato to small pieces and lightly salt. When you’ve put the butter on the beef and mixed well, then mix all three. The spiced butter and berebere will dress the cheese and tomato as well.


One Response

  1. I hope you are planning to have me over for a repeat of this dreamy treat. I love that you combined two of my favorite things into one amazing dish. 🙂

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