Things you should and should not know about Cafe Nordo

When I agreed to accept free media passes for myself and K. for Cafe Nordo, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, however, I was won over by the line on the website that sums up my own personal feelings on such things: “Dietary Restrictions? Certainly you have a shrink who will care.” Now that I know, I almost don’t want to tell you, because half the fun was the surprise. So, if you are intrigued and also slightly frightened, be sure to stop reading now and just buy your tickets.

Things you should and should not know about Cafe Nordo
-Know that this is not a romantic date night
-Don’t know that you’re kind of supposed to dress up–Lou, our waiter greeted me, dripping with disdain and asked if he could take my “pajama top” when referring to my hoodie
-Know that you’ll talk to your neighbors, and probably laugh maniacally with them
-Don’t know that it is only one bottle of each wine per table, otherwise you’ll feel bad when you finish the bottle and look up for a second, only to find out you must pay for that one
-Know that you’ll be scared to ask for salt, but the sad fact is, for being required to “thank salt” so much, including a grace, it was the only thing I wanted for.
-Don’t know what you’ll be served–avoid looking on the online menu, the ones I couldn’t remember what they were made for much more fun

The show is priced at $85 and includes 3 hours of entertainment, 5 courses and 3 glasses of wine. I would definitely go again, paying my own way, if it weren’t for the fact that the menu is exactly the same. The show would be worth seeing again and the food, while undersalted, was of good enough quality that I would pay to eat more if it weren’t repeats. The entertainment value and great people I met however, make me say that I felt this was certainly worthwhile.

More info can be found at


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