Hi, I’m here, I was in San Fran and now: BYE!

I recently got this email from my grandmother:

“Are you too busy to keep up your blog?  I click on every day and see that same photo of the egg looking at me.”

Aw, Jeez. Okay, I’m sorry guys. I have been busy! Amongst other things, planning an 11 day trip to China, which is at this point, really, still entirely unplanned. And I leave in 3 days. Anyone know anything about Beijing? So that is to say, I’m going to disappear again shortly. But when I get back I will have memory card upon memory card filled with food porn straight off the plane from China. I’ll even have 2 weeks before I start my new job (see, I told you, very busy) in which to upload them.
In the mean time I’ve also taken a great trip to San Francisco (yes, again!). This time stops included lots more time at the Ferry Building, an evening at Heaven’s Dog (win), brunch in the ferry building (fail, fail and more fail–my $9.00 breakfast sandwich was average at best) and dinner at Incanto.
Incanto was fabulous. I had to order so much food to get to try everything that the waiter tried to stop me and tell me it was too much food. Yeah, I ordered it all anyway. Aside from having all the bits I love–Beef tendon salad, among them, it also did perfect pasta. And I happen to love pasta. Because I had so much food I shared it among the four of us. We all agreed the Beef Tendon salad was good save for the bitter slices of buddha’s hand that blended in with the tendon. My entree, grilled sardines was extremely good, if simple. Then there were the pastas. One of mine was bone marrow and parsnip ravioli, which while delicious I wouldn’t say was unbelievable. But very good. The mindblowing dish was my second pasta, which I may have hoarded a bit because it was so good I could barely part with pieces of it! Spaghettini with egg yolk and cured tuna heart. Runny, soft egg yolk, salty, savory tuna heart and perfectly cooked pasta. I loved it. Even if not all the dishes were complete wins, none were bad and it was all pretty reasonably priced. I would liken it to Anchovies and Olives here in Seattle, though in a darker, more romantic and meaty sense (and yes, those two descriptors are very compatible).
On our final day I got to live out what is an life long, albeit pathetic, dream of mine. I went to dim sum at Yank Sing, where the hot sauce that I was raised on and live on is from. And it was ‘meh’. I’ll spare you the details and send you to Lorna’s post on it, as we had different meals, exact same reaction: good soup dumplings, mediocre at best dim sum. Dim sum, which I might add, cost nearly 3 times what I pay for perfectly good, though mediocre dim sum here. I suppose I do miss the soup dumplings though.
Once again I had so much fun in San Fran that I immediately booked my next trip there upon returning, so keep me filled with suggestions!

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  1. Coolest thing I did in Beijing: I booked a Great Wall tour through the Youth Hostel (you don’t have to be staying there). We had some old Chinese farmer dude walk us up some trails to a part of the wall that doesn’t get a lot of tourists. Really cool.

    Really liked the Summer Palace too.

  2. That farmer dude is Farmer Tan. He is awesome.

    Naomi, you can e-mail me if you need more info.

    You’re going to need at least a day to check out the Forbidden City and a day to check out the Great. I’d say you’d need a four-day minimum in Beijing to do the sightseeing. Winter and Summer Palace as well. Also, check out the opera or the acrobats. The layout of the city is not too hard to get used to, because it is a grid. The hutongs can be confusing, but this is where you’re most likely to find you’re street food just wondering down them. For breakfast, look for a crowd and you’ll see vendors or people selling outside of their home, mainly either filled Chinese pancakes, fried bread, or biscuits usually with egg. It should still cost between 1-2 yuan a piece. There’s lots of dinner options, but it’s hard to get food past 10:00.

    As for other places in China, my favorite city is Xian. Terracotta warriors, cool city walls, awesome market place, and muslim influence all over (including in the food).

    If you have time past that (I would avoid Shanghai), there are alot of other great places I went to. Will you be able to get to Hong Kong?

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