The many cuisines of Seattle

This list of the 203 countries that Wikipedia considers “Sovereign States” plus one more that I felt needed to be on there is matched up with the restaurant in Seattle (or the greater Seattle area) that serves their cuisine. I by no means think this is a complete list–first of all most of it was done off the top of my head, second of all, it is constantly changing as restaurants open and close. But it is a start and I hope that my readers will chime in with additions, changes and corrections. I used an old Chowhound post to fill in some gaps in my own knowledge so there are about three or for places on here that I’ve never even heard of, which makes me nervous. Most of the rest I have either been to or know someone who has and can vouch for its existence and possibly even quality. Hence the system of stars: If I’ve been to a place, it gets one asterisk. If I’ve been and would recommend it, two asterisks. I’ve divided certain countries (right now I believe just China and India) into regions that I believe are required when discussing national cuisine. As I get more suggestions, I’d like to do that with other countries, so please leave anything you know in the comments. Especially Italian Region, Japanese, More about Indian or Chinese, Thai, French. All of those places I think could easily be split apart. Otherwise, please enjoy this and use it to help you in your quest for new and delicious foods!


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  1. ¡Hola!

    Giving my little contribution: Venezuelan food can be found in La Casa del Mojito (U-District / Lake City) and Meza (Capitol Hill).


  2. What about the places that don’t have distinct food or a true native cuisine

  3. It would be cool if this could be open source. Where users could update it in a secure location with revision control.

  4. Georgia – Caspian Sea

  5. I’ll help when finals are all over.

  6. This is an awesome list!!

    My additions are all U District ones:
    Tacos Pupuseria – El Salvador
    Pam’s Trinidadian-Caribbean Kitchen – Trinidad and Tobago
    Caspian Grill – Iran

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