Carlos eats the Quadstrocity

Last night I met Carlos. He was a very cool guy and had recently (six hours prior) completed a task both ridiculous and amazing.

–Side note: Guys, this is gross. Grandma, stop reading. I’ll get you a nice post on a Guatemalan restaurant soon–

He ate a doubled up double down. What is that? You may have read about the Double Down–a sandwich where the bread is replaced by fried chicken, enveloping bacon and cheese. So Carlos, my new buddy over here put two together, called it the Quadstrocity and ate it.

Isn’t the buzz about this stupid sandwich over? You might wonder. Probably. So why am I posting this? I think this video actually demonstrates just how awful KFC and the like can be for you. As B said, after watching this “Really, that is kind of how all fast food makes you feel”

“My kidneys really hurt” was his biggest complaint when we asked him how he felt afterwards. Of course, by the time we saw him, he seemed to have recovered nicely and moving on to higher quality beer than the PBR he consumes in the video. If you don’t fee like watching, you can see below where I outline some highlights. In actuality it took him about 17 minutes to eat the sandwich, luckily the video is only around ten minutes, because I’m not sure it’s healthy to watch much longer than that.


-Early on he gets some chicken in his beard. I like that his fiance waits until 7:12 to inform him that it’s there
-00:52 His fiance can be heard in the background talking about looking for a bucket for him to throw up in
-Carlos quote “I think at least 3 of the 11 spices are salt!”
-2:52 Hiccups begin. These will plague him well into the 7th minute, making everything much more difficult
-3:45 Less than 4 minutes of eating it and he begins to shiver
-At the 5 minute mark he starts to pull the sandwich apart, ostensibly to show you the inside. I think it was a stalling technique. He looks to be in pain
-5:46 He declares that bacon is now a PROBLEM when he runs into it. This is an overturning of all food philosophy. I think it is because the ‘bacon’ in question has no semblance to actual salted pork product.
-6:05 His burps begin to seem scarily like there is food coming up with the air
-7:48 Starts to look more likely he’ll throw up
-8:00 His fiance points out “You don’t technically have to consume it” His articulate response: “eraugh” in a pained voice
-9:40 Carlos quote”I think I have some in my lungs”

He also mentioned at one point his jaw popped out of place.

You can find Carlos on the interwebs via his Twitter account to congratulate, chastise or just generally harass him. Thanks to Carlos for agreeing to let me repost his video!


9 Responses

  1. Chicken in the beard??? Gross!!! Fuggedabout Grandma, i don’t want to see that! Thanks friend, & can’t wait to see the Guatemalan post. Did anyone take pictures at Harvest Vine? For shame, on me.

  2. i just ran across your blog while searching for chinese soup dumplings. i actually call myself a gastro gnome, as you can see in the sidebar of my blog. i did a search for it when i first started blogging and nobody had the name or the title as a blog. i’m here in seattle too and i’m just curious as to where and when gastro gnome became your blog title. i’ve already bought the domaine name for a business i’m planning to start.

    • Hi Jen,
      Thank you for your comment on the blog. I have been blogging in Seattle as The GastroGnome since 2006, as you will see if you look through my archives. I see looking through yours that you began in March 2009, after I had already established authority and a good reputation as a blogger and freelance food writer in the city. I don’t know to which domain that you are referring but I do own the domain that matches the name of my blog, I’m not sure what domain or what business you are planning to establish, but please be aware that I have spent many years and hours building up a reputation with this name and I would not be happy with someone capitalizing on my reputation.

      That said, it sounds and seems like you are new to the food blogging industry and I don’t want you to have a rough introduction–but comments like this will get you there. I hope that you can find your own space in the wide world of food blogging and can create a successful business.

      Please contact me if you would like any further advice or if you have any other questions,

  3. That is a sticky issue. You both bear the burden doing your due dilligence.

    That said Naomi has put in considerable effort to establish a brand.

  4. First, Jen, please learn how to use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.

    Second, when I Google search for “gastro gnome”, Naomi’s blog comes up first, because that’s the actual name of her blog. Second up is a restaurant with that name, third up is another blogger who does use the name “One Gastro Gnome” – and his blog was started a year before yours.

    Jen, you haven’t got a leg to stand on. Sorry.

  5. thanks for your reply naomi. i wasn’t trying to capitalize on your name or reputation. after my search, i thought gastro gnome was a clever name and up for grabs. it is clearly all yours and i will take it out of the sidebar on my blog. hopefully, will be a success some day too.

  6. Gnomey,

    I needed to get on here and tell you about my latest culinary status. I had this idea for quite a while, of doing carnitas but using confit of pork shoulder cured in the fat with cumin, coriander seed, and garlic cloves. Anyways, I did this all two weeks ago, then today I pulled the meat up, threw it over high heat, and it was instantaneous, crunchy, juicy carnitas. The big advantage of this is time-saved, as once you’ve taken it out of the often you can just submerge it in smaller containers and take out only as much as you need. Thought this might peak your interest, as the next stage for me is to do this with duck leg (maybe some five spice, coriander, etc.), a plum-hoisin sauce, and crepes.

    – Brian Matheson

  7. Um – my worlds just collided. How the hell do you two know eachother?

    • Ha. Seriously–it’s just like I said in the post, we literally met at a bar that night.

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