Burning Beast 2010 in Photos and Taste Buds

Burning BeastThe eponymous beast, above, burns. This is your warning for next year–the event sells out and it is awesome. Having attended in 2009 after reading about the awesomeness of the 2008 event, I again had slept through the event selling out. Luckily thanks to a few well placed friends and the kindness of the organizers I was given a pass to this year’s Burning Beast.

Organized by Tamara Murphy, formerly of Brasa, currently of Elliott Bay Cafe and future of Terra Plata, Burning Beast is a fundraiser for arts organization Smoke Farm. That means she some how convinces most of Seattle’s great chefs to spend their precious evening off standing in an open field, cooking in a difficult setting with large hunks of beasts under the hot summer sun.

Let me rephrase that. Burning Beast is your opportunity to taste dishes from all of your favorite chefs from around the city while participating in a party in a giant open field, with a river to swim in and hunks of succulent meat fragrantly cooking over open fire. It is no surprise this thing sells out. Along with Sunset Supper, it is one of the best food events this city has each year.

This fine specimen greeted people as they drove in.

But I think this was the one that caught most people by surprise. I found two of the three moose meat dishes to be average and one to be excellent. I had not, to my knowledge, eaten moose before and I was pleased to have the chance.

Chefs Cameo McRoberts and Lesa Sullivan were hard at work at the vegetable grills, so I wanted to make sure that every knew it wasn’t just meat!

But let’s be honest–as shown by Chef Murphy and her chickens on their ingenious recycled bike parts rotating spit

and as you can see by Chef Seth of Emmer & Rye’s Rabbit stuffed rabbit wrapped in caul fat (assisted by the lovely Robin Leventhal, she of Top Chef fame)

Or Chef Jonathan Sundstrom’s large pieces of cow (later served on bruschetta), one of my favorite bites of the evening, this event was about only one thing:Seriously though, everyone comes out for the delicious food served in the field but the event has a lot of amazing attributes that make it unique. I love that it is affordable–$75 might seem like a lot, but you get to bring your own beverages and spend the entire day there–camp too, if you are so inclined, and you will eat more food than you can imagine. There is live music and of course the show of the burning beast–this year’s had firecrackers coming out its butt! My advice? Act fast when tickets go on sale next year, I’ll see you there.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds great – I definitely will try to go next year. Interested to hear about your experience with the Sunset Dinners. We are considering going. Is it worth the extra $40 for seating?

    • Hey, Sunset Supper is awesome, you should definitely go–buy now and get the early bird price. In my experience it is not worth the extra money for seating–you’ll be up standing in lines to get food and mingle, etc. most of the time anyways. People only end up sitting for a few minutes at a time, the only benefit is I think you get in a little early, which if you hate battling crowds would make it worth it. Because you will battle some crowds.

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