One Burner Bitch

One Burner Bitch is the theoretical name I came up with for my imaginary blog about the week I’ve had without a stove. This little guy in the picture above has been my only heat source, and I tell you what: It has made me bitchy.

So first, the situation as it stands now:

I would show the ‘before’ picture but it made me cry, so I don’t want to have it hanging around the blog. Long story short? I dropped my KitchenAid mixer onto the glass top stove. It was ugly. I had bread in the oven and let that finish baking, but once we removed the broken glass, we unplugged the whole thing to avoid electrical hazards. And no, we don’t own a microwave. So the little hot pot burner was all we’ve had to cook on for the last week. And the grill–which has been nice.

What can I say? I know in a lot of parts of the world they’re not fortunate enough to have ovens and four burner stoves but I do most of my cooking on the stove and I missed it!

Want pasta? Have to boil the water, cook the pasta, then make the sauce, while the pasta gets cold. That doesn’t fly with me, so I’ve been doing a lot of one pot meals. Or just eating cold food.

No, it wasn’t the end of the world, but it was challenging. Now that I’ve gotten over the shock and have calmed down about the cost of a replacement glass top, I can look at it as a learning experience.

As a lover of not only food, but also the art of cooking, In a way I relished the twist, like a little Top Chef game. Cool dishes, new ideas and me eating a lot of salad all came out of it. Perhaps I can look on the bright side after all. I’ll be the One Burner semi-bitch.


2 Responses

  1. I have one of those glass top things too, and I’m terrified of doing just that… (are replacements as expensive as I would imagine?)

    After this experience, are you think about getting some sort of hard top covering for it?

  2. Sounds like quite the adventure. I like the analogy you made about the “Top Chef game”. I guess you had to put your creative hat on!

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