New Blog Site: Change your Bookmarks and RSS Feeders!

Hi! So. After 5 years of having this blog on a free hosted site, I’ve finally taken the initiative to switch to my own site. If you’ve been accessing the site via, please start doing so at If you have it bookmarked, please change it! If you read this on a reader of some sort, please be sure to subscribe to the new site–if you go there, it will tell you how. In big letters.

In reality, for the next year (at least) this site and all the links should forward directly to the new site, so hopefully this will all go seamlessly. If you have any troubles, please let me know!

I look forward to continuing to update you on food and related thoughts at the new site.



2 Responses

  1. wohh… this is great post could you update me more

  2. This is pretty interesting, I’ll look into this more soon!
    T x for sharing!

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